Blue March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

This year, we invited Stefan Gijssels to our offices to share his experience with the employees of our subsidiary. 

Stefan Gijssels is a colon cancer survivor. He is the co-founder of the Digestive Cancers Europe association and president of
the Patient Expert Center which, in collaboration with patient associations, has the mission of training patients to become
Patient Experts in the fields specific to their disease. 

His testimony opened our eyes to the reality and experience of cancer patients.   

It’s important for employees in the pharmaceutical industry to understand the value of the medicine they produce, that they create in their company and especially to know what it means to the patient and their loved ones. 

Improving patient care, especially for colorectal cancer patients, is at the heart of Servier’s mission. 

We advocate for a more patient-centered approach to therapy. 

In this desire to integrate the patient’s voice from the beginning of our projects, we have collaborated with Stefan, and benefited from his expertise, in the development of the LEA program of psychological support for cancer patients and their families.