Servier launches, in collaboration with the International Society of Hypertension (ISH), a new awareness-raising campaign “becauseIsayso“, aimed at the general public, to highlight the importance of taking the medication against hypertension on a daily basis and following the doctor’s advice.

The number of cases of hypertension is not decreasing in Belgium with its 2.5 million adults1  with hypertension, half of whom are undiagnosed. According to forecasts, 3 million Belgians will suffer from hypertension in 20252. Moreover, hypertension is the main risk factor for a heart attack or stroke. Other complications include heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, kidney damage, dementia, retinal bleeding and visual disorders. In Belgium, hypertension is responsible for 15,000 deaths per year3.

Hypertension is also called the “silent killer” because there are usually no symptoms, but hypertension can lead to serious cardiovascular diseases and is the main cause of death in the world. A simple blood pressure check is the only way to know if someone has hypertension. “To measure is to know”.  

“Therapy compliance” can be defined as the patient’s ability to fully and accurately follow the doctor’s advice and instructions. Although therapy compliance plays a key role in the treatment of any type of disease it is often overlooked.

People who are treated for hypertension stop their treatment or forget to take the medication every day, especially in the months following the start of treatment. This lack of compliance leads to a reduced normalisation of blood pressure with potentially very important and serious consequences, including an increased risk of cardiovascular incidents such as a heart attack or stroke. In addition, it has adverse economic consequences for society as a result of hospital admissions or additional treatments4.

Most patients need more than one medicine to control their high blood pressure. The more medication needs to be taken, the greater the risk of non-compliance. A treatment with 1 pill can be a solution to improve therapy compliance, in addition to informing the patients about the condition, the purpose of the treatment and the consequences of a lack of compliance. During the Covid-19 pandemic, it was found that stopping treatment for people with chronic diseases such as hypertension has increased significantly. In Europe, almost 10% of these people stopped treatment during the months when the pandemic was at its peak5.

About the campaign «becauseIsayso»

The third edition of the ” becauseIsayso” campaign highlights the importance of faithfully following up therapy in the context of treatment against hypertension and emphasises the measurement of blood pressure and regular follow-up with a doctor. Medication against hypertension must be taken every day. Taking the medication faithfully and following the doctor’s instructions are among the most important ways to ensure that the treatment effectively controls blood pressure in the long term and protects people from the risk of cardiovascular incidents.

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